Shadduck Terminus is Open

The Cancourse is now publicly accessible via the Shadduck Terminus. As mentioned in recent posts, we have been busy building a new trail that links the Shadduck Terminus to the southernmost trail interface with the Canfield Mountain Natural Area, and now that the bottom section of the trail is ready for use, we are pleased to welcome hikers and bicyclists to start using it.

We have a beautiful welcome sign nearly ready, and we have other improvements to the entrance planned, but meanwhile access to the Cancourse is more important than appearances. In a similar vein, we want to call attention to some peculiarities of the Shadduck Terminus. The paved portion of Shadduck is encompassed by a 65’-wide public right of way, but at the end of the pavement the public right of way narrows to 40’. The nicely maintained gravel driveway just to the south is private, and as inviting as the driveway looks, stay to the north of the gate post and intermittent T-posts as you make your way to the Cancourse entrance.

End of pavement

At the end of the pavement, the 65’ public right of way narrows, such that only the northern 40’ continues to be public right of way. Note the gravel driveway, and prepare to head left as you approach the gate post.

Gate post

See the gate post and intermittent T-posts? Stay to the left of them as you approach the Shadduck Terminus.

Shadduck Terminus

This is the Shadduck Terminus, where the Cancourse begins. Continue ahead and to the left to access our newest trail. Enjoy!