Northward Migration

The first northward migration of trail tools was recently spotted on the Cancourse! Sadly the poor things are currently resigned to huddling together for warmth, but the snow is sure to melt any month now. In the meanwhile we’re busy planning spring activities, and jesting aside, we should be able to start within a couple weeks. Read on for details.

Trail tools huddling together for warmth Trail tools huddling together for warmth

There’s much, much more in the works (trails and trees and erosion, oh my!), but we need to work out a master trail plan before we get too carried away. We’ve scheduled an aerial survey for this spring so that we have a detailed terrain map to work with. We’re going to draw squiggly lines on the map and then we’re going to need to sanity check everything on foot. By the end of fire season (that’s a thing now, right?), we should be in full swing and building/improving trails for as long as autumn weather allows.

Get involved

We need lots of help for this project to progress in a timely fashion. If you are interested in taking part, regularly check the Cancourse website for updates and calls for project workday volunteers. Please also join the Lake City Trail Alliance and/or get involved with the Trail Maniac Foundation, both of which are doing great work to enrich our local recreation opportunities, the Cancourse included.